Stag Do Newcastle

Are you looking for a stag do Newcastle party lovers will always recommend? You need to get yourself to Ghetto Golf! If you ever played crazy golf as a child…it’s time to forget all about it, because the experience you’ll have at Ghetto Golf is a million miles away. Unless you had a very adventurous childhood.

Crazy golf like you’ve never experienced it

Stag Do Ideas Newcastle

We all loved crazy golf when we were kids – but the thought of lugging a putter around a venue full of screaming youngsters doesn’t exactly scream stag do, does it? Luckily, Ghetto Golf is aimed squarely at a more adult crowd. In fact, the door policy is 18+ only. There are a full 18 holes to play, surrounded by the coolest graffiti artwork and soundtracked by some awesome DJs on the decks. The holes themselves are seriously twisted – don’t expect to see old-fashioned windmills here. This is crazy golf for the 21st century.

Ghetto Golf is one of the most original stag do ideas Newcastle has to offer. You’re likely thinking that mini golf means a venue full of hyperactive kids and disinterested parents – frankly being taped to a lamppost in just your underwear would probably be preferable for your stag do. But relax! There are no screaming kids at Ghetto Golf. There are no kids at all in fact – like all the most fun places, Ghetto Golf has a strict 18+ policy on the door.

Keep the party going

Ghetto Golf offers a mind-bending crazy golf experience. But, if this is a stag do there’s got to be some booze – right? Right! Drinking and golf are perfect partners, as perfect as the happy couple the stag do is for. Hopefully. But this isn’t a quiet pint with the other old guys at the nineteenth hole discussing gardening and prostate problems – this is drinking to have a good time.

So to give you that good time, at Ghetto Golf you’ll find a fully stocked cocktail bar – which is both stylish and packed to the brim with delicious drinks for you to enjoy. You can have everything from cocktails you can’t even pronounce through to the simple pint; it’s your stag do, your choice! Be sure to soak up all that alcohol with some delicious eats too, with a tasty morsel from Apocalypse Cow. Crazy golf is both hungry and thirsty work, especially when you do it the ghetto golf way, so we’ve got you covered.

A stag do with a difference

You could do the traditional stag do thing – go on a pub crawl dressed in strange outfits and end up falling into a shop doorway at 5 AM. Or, you could do something different, something new, and something both stimulating and enjoyable.

Ghetto Golf is an insane assault on the senses, which will leave you with memories to last a lifetime, and maybe a couple you’d rather forget. A bit like a good marriage, in fact. Which is why it’s the perfect choice for your Newcastle stag do!

Put your putter to good use with Ghetto Golf.